Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

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What’s it about?

Flint Lockwood is called back to work by his old friend Chester V to clean up the mess he made with his food machine. Flint had hoped to turn water into food but it didn’t quite work – it produced ‘foodimals’ (creatures that look like food) instead.  Chester wants Flint to go to the island and get rid of all the foodimals which Chester says are dangerous.

Flint takes his friends along to help but when they get there they find the foodimals are not dangerous at all, they just want to leave peacefully with their families. Flint has to decide whether to obey his boss and kill all of the foodimals or to do what he thinks is right and leave them be.

What to look out for

There are some scenes where people and animals get hurt such as:

  • Flint’s monkey seems to be zapped by electricity but he’s OK.
  • Chester is attacked by a giant cheeseburger foodimal.

Some of the foodimals look a bit scary and could frighten very young kids especially the large taco with teeth that chases Flint and his friends and tries to bite them.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that just because some people look or seem different to you that doesn’t make them dangerous and scary.