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As families bunker down at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might find it handy to have a guide to age appropriate movies for children.
Many thousands of titles are now at your fingertips, but which will be enjoyable, and not harmful?

ACCM has refreshed our guide to what is available on Disney+, Netflix and home video to help you weather this latest health crisis.
We’ve utilised our database of Know Before You Go reviews developed over the past 17 years. These show age suitability through our traditional red, yellow, green signals.
Where there is no ACCM review, we have provided the Australian Classification and / or information from The Netherlands’ child-development based Kijkwijzer system.
This guide is a “work in progress”, so do check back for more reviews and updated information over these coming weeks.


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Popular movies on streaming services 



                             Up (PG)                                                          Diary of a Wimpy Kid  (PG)                                               Paddington (G)



                         Toy Story 3 3D (PG)                                               The Muppets  (G)                                                    Small Foot (PG)

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