About CMA app reviews

The Know Before You Load App Reviews will help you find age- appropriate and enjoyable apps for your children. 

Our reviews have been developed by child development professionals.
Each app has been reviewed for the following:

  • In app purchasing
  • Online profile of person playing the game
  • Age recommendations
  • game playing behaviour
  • advertising and product promotion
  • gender stereo types and sexual references
  • gambling content

Apps are not static like computer games and movies. The distribution of apps is via the internet and if you are connected, updates can occur at any time. 

We recommend that you keep up to date about keeping yourself and your children safe online at https://esafety.gov.au   

We also advise that you understand your device settings to avoid making in app purchases. Further information can be found at http://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/internet-phone/in-app-purchases

Playing games can be a fun recreational and educational activity. Most games contain some elements of chance, risk and skill, but some games required players to participate in behaviours which may concern some parents.

The availability of simulated gambling games to young people is troubling many and we have included a section on gambling content. To find more information about gambling and games see http://nogame.com.au

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