About CMA movie reviews

The Know Before You Go Movie Reviews are provided to help you find age-appropriate and enjoyable movies for your children both in cinemas and at home on streaming services. They focus particularly on violent material, material that young children may find scary and other content that parents may wish to know about such as sexual references, nudity, sexual activity, coarse language and use of substances. Each review contains recommendations as to the appropriate age levels for each movie.

If a movie you are looking for is currently unavailable on this website, the Netherlands Classification website (in English) is also an age-based system. The British Film Classification Board and US Commonsense Media website could also be useful.  

It is important to note that the American, Netherlands and British classification systems differ from the Australian classification system. Always check for the Australian classification on streaming services, on DVDs and videos, or look up the classification yourself on the Australian Government Classification Board online database.