eBook - Quality Play and Media in Childhood Education and Care


Dr Kate Highfield
Professor Margaret Sims,
Dr C. Glenn Cupit

February  2015

Australian Council on Children and the Media

In the early years, children learn mostly through play. Their receptive young minds are formed and their physical skills are developed as they begin to explore the world around them. They learn how to get along with others as they develop social skills and learn how to handle their emotions.

What impact is using digital technology having on how children are developing? Is it harming them or is it helping them? What role do parents and caregivers have in all this? These are some of the questions this e-book sets out to answer. Some of our best minds contribute important ideas on what parents, educators and caregivers need to know about the impact of electronic media on our children’s development. More importantly they offer us guidance on what we can do to avoid the pitfalls and make use of the ways it can enhance children’s learning.

Other contributors:

  • Dr Lesley-Anne Ey
  • Dr Victoria Whitington
  • David Badenoch
  • Karl Brettig