Mobile Phones

Mobile phones today have many uses combined into the one device. With the new 3G and 4G phones you can access the Internet as well as take photos, send and receive text messages and pictures, and make phone calls. You can capture and record every moment of your life on a mobile phone if you choose to and upload it immediately to the Internet using these personal and portable devices.

What are the issues?

  • All of the risks associated with using computers and referred to in the web survival toolkit, such as cyberbullying, unwanted contact, inappropriate information and sharing of information are now present on mobile phones.
  • The practice of sending naked or semi-naked pictures on your phone is illegal in Australia for young people under the age of 18.
  • Identity theft and fraud – this is made easier because so much personal information is kept on a mobile phone such as your friends names and phone numbers, messages, music and photos. People can steal this information and use it against you.

Did you know?

23% of children who use mobile phones have reported receiving threatening and abusive text and 14% of children admitted sending one.


  • Make sure you have the Cybersafety button downloaded onto your mobile phone and press this if you come across an upsetting website. This will immediately get you out of there.
  • Keep your personal information safe. Use a nickname online, set a strong password and don’t tell anyone what it is.
  • Don’t put your mobile phone number or your school on the Internet.
  • Remember that any photos or videos you send to a friend can be sent on to others and may be uploaded to a public site.
  • Think before you post any pictures – they could be online forever.



Let’s fight it together – a resource for older children to tackle cyberbullying.

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