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What’s it about?

Annie is an orphan girl living in a foster home in New York with a mean lady named Ms Hannigan.  One day Annie is saved from being run over by a truck by a rich business man named Will Sacks. Will’s manager thinks that Will should adopt Annie because it will make him more popular and the public will like him more. Annie is taken to a fancy apartment to live like a rich girl. But even though she has many nice things, she still wants her birth parents.

What to look out for

  • Annie is almost hit by a car
  • Ms Hannigan threatens to hit the orphan girls with a broom and spray them with cleaning fluid
  • Ms Hannigan flirts with lots of men and wears sexy clothing
  • Ms Hannigan is an alcoholic and is seen drinking in a bar
  • There is some coarse language, such as: shut up, sucks, damn, bitch, hell, and idiot

Moral of the Story

The main messages of this story are that you can’t buy happiness and the importance of friendship