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What’s it about?

Babe is a talking pig who is taken from his mother to live on Farmer Hoggett’s farm. On the farm, Babe makes friends with lots of farm animals, particularly, a sheepdog who teaches Babe how to herd sheep. Farmer Hoggett likes Babe’s talent at controlling the sheep and decides to enter him into a sheepdog contest. The judges at the contest laugh because pigs don’t normally herd sheep. But Babe is a smart pig and with the help of his friends, Babe surprises the judges.

What to look out for

There are some scenes which might be scary for younger kids such as:

  • The dogs on the farm are mean and one of them attacks Babe
  • A sheep is attacked by wild dogs, and the sheep is killed
  • Farmer Hoggett points a gun at Babe
  • Talking about animals being killed for people to eat

Moral of the Story

The main messages of the story are you can reach your dreams if you try and not to judge someone by their looks.