Barbie and the Pink Shoes

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What’s it about?

Barbie in this movie is Kristyn Farraday a young ballet dancer.  Kristyn tries very hard and is good at what she does but the lead roles always go to Tara, one of the other dancers. Kristyn is upset one day when Madame Natasha tells her off for not following the dance steps properly. Feeling sad and needing new ballet shoes, Kristyn visits the wardrobe mistress, who gives her a pair of bright pink ballet shoes. When Kristyn puts on the new shoes they transport her and her friend Hailey, to a fantasy land of classical ballet sets.

Kristyn finds herself dancing the parts of both Giselle and Odette from Swan Lake and finds that both Albrecht and Prince Siegfried, the boys who dance the lead roles,  want to marry her. She’s in trouble with the wicked Snow Queen though and the evil Rothbart who both chase after her. When Kristyn and Hailey finally return to reality, Kristyn has learnt that you must follow your own heart, especially when dancing.

What to look out for

There are some scenes which might be scary for younger kids such as:

  • Kristyn and Hailey are transported into a magical fantasy land where Kristyn becomes Giselle.
  • The Snow Queen looks likes an evil, scary woman and she turns people she doesn’t like into stone statues.
  • Rothbart casts a spell over Kristyn and Hailey with swirling black dust which turns them both into swans.
  • Albrecht and Hilarion shoot arrows at the swans which are really Kristyn and Hailey.
  • The land where the Snow Queen lives is a very eerie, dark and frozen land with people turned into statues everywhere.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is to follow your dreams and to be true to yourself.