Barbie in Princess Power

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What’s it about?

Barbie stars as Kara who is a princess who wants to fly aeroplanes instead of going to fancy parties. One day Kara is kissed by a magic butterfly and gets super powers. With the help of her two friends, Kara becomes a superhero named ‘Super Sparkle’ who flies around town saving the day.

Kara’s cousin Corinne learns about Kara’s super powers and she also wants some. Corinne catches the magic butterfly and makes herself into a superhero named ‘Dark Sparkle’. The two superheroes fight to be the best. But when the King’s friend tries to destroy the royal family and the town, Dark Sparkle and Super Sparkle must learn to work together to save their friends and family.

What to look out for

  • The King’s friend tries to kill everyone with sparkle balls and lava from a volcano
  • The King’s friend is an evil villain who is a bit scary
  • Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle push and shove each other
  • Kara often crashes into trees when she is flying

Moral of the Story

The main message of this story is is that working together is better than being alone.