Beauty and the Beast 3D

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What’s it about?

Belle is a beautiful girl who lives with her father who invents things. Belle is different from the other girls as she doesn’t really like parties and boys but is looking for something more exciting in life. One day her father goes missing on a trip to an inventor’s fair. Belle sets out into the dark, scary woods to look for him and finds he’s been locked up in a prison in a castle by a huge, scary beast. Belle asks the Beast to take her instead of her father who’s very old.  It turns out the Beast is, in fact, a handsome prince who had a spell cast on him by a witch. He had refused to help her because she looked ugly and now he has to find someone to love him despite what he looks like to break the spell. He hopes it will be Belle.

What to look out for

  • Some scary scenes such as the Beast is a very scary looking creature and roars at Belle and her father.
  • The woods are quite scary with howling wolves ready to attack.
  • Some violence with several fight scenes.
  • The townspeople set upon the Beast with flaming torches and axes.
  • The townspeople hunt and shoot at ducks.

Moral of the Story

You shouldn’t judge people by what they look like.