Ernest and Celestine

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What’s it about?

Ernest and Celestine tells the story of friendship between a mouse and a bear. Celestine is a young mouse who lives in an orphanage where the caretaker tells the mice bedtime stories of evil bears living above them. While out one night, Celestine is discovered by a family of bears who chase her into a rubbish bin.

In the morning, a poor bear named Ernest discovers Celestine and attempts to eat her. After she is able to persuade him not to, an unlikely friendship forms between the two. However, they are treated unkindly by other mice and bears and have to work hard to stay friends.

What to look out for

  • The scenes when Celestine is chased by bears and Ernest tries to eat her are scary.
  • The unfair way in which Ernest and Celestine are treated is upsetting.
  • There is a fire which puts some characters in danger.

Moral of the Story

We should try to be friends with others who are different.