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What’s it about?

Merida is a young Princess growing up in medieval Scotland (a long time ago). Merida much prefers being outdoors riding her horse and shooting her bow and arrows than learning how to be a good princess.  She’s quite a rebel and often defies her Mum and Dad. As a teenager, Merida learns that she has to be married to a young man from a neighbouring clan. This horrifies Merida and she runs away into the deep, dark and creepy forest.

In the forest she has to fight off a large grizzly bear and she meets a scary old witch. Merida asks the witch to help her make her Mother change her mind about having to get married. The witch gives Merida a potion which she then feeds to her Mother. This has a disastrous effect and was not quite what Merida expected. She now has to find a way to undo the harm she’s done.

What to look out for

Some scary scenes such as the large grizzly bear who attacks Merida and her father – he roars and lashes out at them and is very fierce.

  • The woods are very creepy as is the old witch who is toothless and scary looking.
  • There is magic in the woods that frightens Merida’s horse which throws her off.
  • There are some fight scenes and Merida’s Mother is nearly killed by a sword.
  • Some people are turned into bears.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that if you do something really bad, it takes a lot of courage to face up to it and fix your mistakes.