Cars 2

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What’s it about?

In this spy thriller follow up to Cars, Lightening McQueen gets involved in international espionage when he’s challenged to take part in a world Grand Prix. He agrees to the challenge which takes place in Japan, Italy and England, after being taunted by an Italian Formula One champion Francesco Bernoull. McQueen takes his best friend Tow Mater along to be his pit crew. The race is supposed to show that bio-fuels are a good alternative to petrol but someone is out to sabotage the event and many cars start exploding.

A British spy car, Finn McMissile is on the job but unluckily for Mater, he gets mistaken for a secret agent. Mater has to fight against McMissile and the bad guys who also think he’s a spy and meanwhile protect McQueen from being the next car to get blown up.

What to look out for

There’s quite a lot of action violence in this movie which might be quite scary for younger kids such as:

  • Finn McMissile is attacked by a lot of cars shooting guns. One car loses control and crashes through guard rails into the water below. Bombs  cause a massive explosion.
  •  Cars throw flames and threaten Finn who dives off the oilrig and into the water. A large battleship fires missiles, torpedoes and machine guns at Finn.
  • Cars get deliberately crashed into, badly damaged and threatened with torture.
  • A gun is fired at a number of racing cars. The cars’ engines explode which causes many cars to crash.

Moral of the Story

It’s important to accept your friends  the way they are and you should look out for each other.