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What’s it about?

Wilbur is the smallest pig in the litter who is about to be killed by the farmer but is saved just in time by the farmer’s daughter Fern. She promises to look after Wilbur and they become really good friends. Fern’s parents get worried though when she spends too much time with Wilbur and not enough time doing her homework so they send Wilbur to her Uncle’s barn across the road.

Wilbur is very sad to be apart from Fern and none of the other animals in the barn is very friendly to him. He feels very sad until he finds a friend in Charlotte, a spider, who none of the other animals likes either. As if by magic, Charlotte finds a way to keep Wilbur from being sent to the dinner table and the two become best of friends.

What to look out for

There are some scenes that could scare or upset younger kids such as:

  • The farmer is about to chop Wilbur’s head off with an axe when he’s saved by Fern.
  • Templeton, a rat, is chased and attacked by a couple of nasty crows.
  • Wilbur is very upset when he learns that Charlotte is dying.

Moral of the Story

The messages from this movie are that friends help each other out and remain loyal to one another