Cinderella (2015)

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What’s it about?

When Ella’s parents die, she has to live with her stepmother and two stepsisters They are very mean to her and treat her like a servant. Ella’s only friends are the mice that live in the attic with her.

One day, Ella is out riding her horse in the forest and she meets the Prince. The Prince falls in love with Ella but she disappears before he learns her name. The prince decides to invite all of the ladies in the town to a ball but Ella’s stepmother won’t let her go. When Ella thinks all hope of going to the ball is lost, a beggar woman appears at her doorstep and helps to make her dreams come true.

What to look out for

  • There are sad scenes when Ella’s parents die.
  • The stepmother and stepsisters are very cruel to Ella
  • Some scary scenes in the forest

Moral of the Story

Be kind and brave and all will be well.