Clifford’s Really Big Movie

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What’s it about?

Clifford is a loveable, huge red dog who lives with Emily Elizabeth and her family on Birdwell Island. Clifford’s best dog friends are T-Bone and Cleo. One day Clifford hears Emily’s parents talking to a neighbour about how much it costs to feed him. This upsets Clifford and he decides to go and join a circus to help pay for his food.

Clifford takes T-Bone and Cleo with him and they join an animal act. There they meet Shackelford, a ferret that performs on a trapeze and Dorothy the cow who performs a tight-rope walking act. Their manager loves all the animals but hasn’t been able to make the act successful so he decides to enter them into a competition that could win them a lifetime’s supply of Tummy Yummies.

What to look out for

Some comic violence mainly done for laughs such as:

  • Dorothy the cow bowls over a group of guards who are trying to capture Clifford.
  • Guards chase the animals through a park with nets and lasers.

There are also a few scenes that might be a bit scary such as:

  • Dorothy nearly falls off the tight-rope.
  • Clifford is captured by the guards and taken away.

Moral of the Story

It’s better to talk to someone if you hear something that upsets you in case you might have got the wrong idea.