Curious George

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What’s it about?

Ted, the Man in the Yellow Hat, has travelled to Africa to find a legendary shrine. If he can find it, it will save the Bloomsbury Museum where he works back in America from having to be closed. While Ted doesn’t find the shrine, he does find a curious little monkey who loves Ted’s hat.

Ted does find a small object to take home but what he doesn’t know is that the monkey has stowed away on board the ship with him. Back in America, Ted names the monkey George. George causes all sorts of problems when he spreads paint all over an apartment and generally gets into trouble. Ted spends all his time chasing after George when he needs to be saving the museum from being turned into a car park.

What to look out for

There are a few scenes that might scare very young kids such as:

  • The doorman at Ted’s apartment is a big bloke who chases George from room to room and evicts Ted from the apartment.
  • George nearly gets run over by cars and trucks several times.
  • Ted calls the Animal Control to take George away. George tries hard to cling on to Ted but the men  grab him by force and put him in a dark cage.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is to keep trying really hard and not give up.