Despicable Me 2

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What’s it about?

Gru is trying to make a new life for himself looking after his 3 adopted daughters and running a business making jams and jellies. Gru’s put his old life of being a super villain behind him but he’s suddenly kidnapped by the anti-villain league to team up with Lucy Wilde and capture a new super villain called El Macho.

It seems that a serum has been stolen from a laboratory which can turn gentle creatures into nasty monsters and el Macho has a plan to use it for his own evil purposes. It’s up to Gru and Lucy to save the world from this new terrible threat.

What to look out for

There’s quite a lot of fighting and cartoon style violence in this movie such as:

  • A young child has a balloon in his mouth which another child tries to cut from him with a chain saw.
  • Gru shoots Lucy with a freeze gun and she shoots him back with a taser. Gru is knocked out and Lucy drags him to her car where she nearly runs him over.
  • Lucy is strapped to a shark on a rocket loaded with dynamite. El Macho says he’s going to launch the rocket and kill Lucy.

There are  also several scenes that would frighten younger kids such as:

  • Rabbits and other creatures are injected with serum which turns them into ferocious monsters with huge teeth.
  • El Macho is also injected with the serum which makes him go mad before he’s shot with a taser.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that family is most important  and looking after family should always come first.