Dino Time

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What’s it about?

Ernie gets annoyed by all the rules his Mum makes so he decides to take his sister Julia and his best friend Max on an adventure. They set off in a time machine but get more than what they planned when they arrive in a rather scary looking place of 65 million years ago.

They’re very afraid when they see dinosaurs roaming about but it turns out that the pink T-Rex called Tyra is actually really friendly and wants to look after them. This is a good thing because Tara and her group of dinosaurs are attacked by another meaner and fiercer lot of dinosaurs led by the nasty Sarko. Ernie, Julia and Max find themselves in danger but have to mend the time machine before they can get back to the present time.

What to look out for

  • There is a lot of fighting between the two dinosaur groups which gets quite fierce.
  • Eric attacks one of the dinosaurs which falls into a pit of hot tar and explodes.

Also Sarko and his dinosaurs are very scary to look at with sharp teeth and claws which might frighten younger kids.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that although it seems like a lot of rules are unfair they’re usually there to keep us safe.