Earth to Echo

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What’s it about?

Earth to Echo is a science fiction adventure story that follows the journey of three friends: Tuck, Munch and Alex. When a new highway construction project begins in their neighborhood, the boys’ families are forced out of their homes. During their last week in their homes, the three friends start to receive mysterious code messages on their mobile phones. When they tell their parents and the authorities, the adults don’t take them seriously.

The boys set out on a journey to discover a way to crack the code on their own and meet up with an alien robot named Echo who needs their help.

What to look out for

  • Younger children may be scared of Echo at first.
  • The construction workers torture Echo with probes.
  • The boys are kidnapped and one boy, in tears, sends a final message on his phone to say goodbye.
  • The boys steal and drive a car, and get into some other risky situations.

Moral of the Story

The film shows the importance of friendship and of listening to your friends. It also encourages fighting for causes that you strongly believe in, and not giving up when faced with problems.