Ella Enchanted

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What’s it about?

Ella is a young girl growing up in the enchanted land of Frell. As a baby she was given an unfortunate gift, by her well-meaning fairy godmother, of obedience. This means Ella has to do everything she’s told even when it means biting another girl’s fingers. When Ella’s mother dies her father remarries to Olga who has two daughters, sneaky Hattie and stupid Olive.

Ella doesn’t like the way the King has made all of the giants, elves and ogres live apart from the rest of the people and work on his land as slaves. She decides she must go and find her godmother to undo the spell and be able to oppose the King. On the way she makes friends with Slannen, an elf who had been tied to a wheel by bad ogres. Ella unties him and is then attacked by the ogres. She is about to be put into a cauldron of boiling water when she is rescued by Prince Charmont (Char for short).

What to look out for

There is some fighting in this movie such as:

  • Girls at school bully Ella’s friend Areeda and push her over.
  • Ogres tie Slannen to a wheel and spin it around, making fun of him.
  • Ella is about to stab Char in the heart with a dagger but overcomes the spell, just in time.
  • A general fight occurs in the palace between the giants, ogres and elves and the King’s soldiers.

There are also some scenes that could frighten very young kids such as:

  • The ogres are very ugly and fierce looking.
  • The giants are huge.
  • Ella’s mother becomes sick and dies.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that you have to be really strong to get over problems that come against you.