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What’s it about?

Mary Katherine or M.K. for short, has gone to live with her Dad, Bomba, after her Mum dies. Bomba is a mad scientist who believes that the forest is full of little people and it’s his life’s work to try and prove it. M.K. thinks he’s crazy and is about to return to the city when she stumbles into a battle between the good and evil forces of the little people in the forest. 

M.K. is shrunk to their size and she comes face to face with the beautiful forest queen Tara who has been shot with an arrow and is dying. M.K. is given a precious pod, which must flower that night to find the new queen but, along with the Leaf Men, she has to first battle the wicked Mandrake, the King of Rot and his evil army of Boggans.

What to look out for

Quite a lot of fighting and battles in this movie such as:

  • The Leafmen and the Boggans have many battles with arrows and sword fights and several people get killed.
  • The little people fly on birds which also get shot and injured during the battles.

There are also some scenes which could scare younger kids such as:

  • Queen Tara dies after being shot with an arrow and disappears into the air.
  • Mandrake and the Boggans are nasty evil looking creatures with glowing yellow eyes.
  • M.K. and Nod (a leafman) are attacked by a large and vicious mouse.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that all things in nature are connected and if we allow one thing in the forest to die, the whole forest could die.