Escape from Planet Earth

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What’s it about?

Escape from Planet Earth is  about two alien astronauts, Gary and his brother Scorch, who lead all the space expeditions from their planet Baab.  Scorch leads a solo mission to what they call the ‘Dark Planet’ - Earth.  When he arrives there, he  is captured by humans and kept as an alien prisoner.

The inhabitants of Planet Baab are shocked when their hero disappears.  Gary’s son Kip sets out to save his uncle, but is stopped by his parents.  His father Gary, inspired by Kip’s bravery, then sets out to try to save Scorch.

What to look out for

There are some scary alien characters and scary scenes with fighting between aliens and between aliens and humans. These scenes might scare children under 10.  Examples are:

  • A giant dog-like alien eats another smaller alien and almost eats eat Gary and Scorch.
  • There are some scary fights with dart guns, freeze guns and lazers
  • A woman is vaporised
  • Two of the main characters are trapped underwater in glass cylinders which are filled with water. 

Moral of the Story

The film shows the importance of looking after members of your family and of being brave