Flushed Away

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What’s it about?

Roddy St. James is a pet rat who lives in a fancy house in London. One day he is flushed down the toilet by a sewer rat names Sid. Roddy is unhappy because he finds himself in an underground city full of dirty mice, rats, frogs and slugs. Roddy finds a rat named Rita, who is the captain of a sewer boat, and she promises to take him home in return for money. But on the way the two rats are attacked by two evil sewer rats and an evil toad. Rita and Roddy must work together to escape the rats, and Roddy begins to realise that living underground isn’t so bad.

What to look out for

  • The Toad and his tadpoles have sharp teeth and threaten Roddy and Rita
  • The Toad tries to freeze Roddy and Rita in a bottle
  • Both Roddy and Rita get hurt a lot when trying to escape the bad rats

Moral of the Story

The message of this story is that without friends and family material wealth is worthless.