Gnomeo and Juliet

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What’s it about?

Gnomeo and Juliet are garden gnomes who belong to two families who hate each other and live next door to each other. Gnomeo is the son of Lady Blueberry, the leader of the blue tribe while Juliet is the daughter of Lord Redbrick, the leader of the red tribe.

Gnomeo and Juliet meet by accident and don’t know that they’re from the opposite tribes. They fall in love and when they realise that their love is going to cause a lot of problems for them they decide to continue anyway. This turns out to be quite a disaster for both of their families.

What to look out for

Quite a lot of fighting in this movie, mostly done for laughs, between the red and blue gnomes using garden spades, bows and arrows and catapults and other scenes such as:

  • Gnomeo and Tybalt have a fierce lawnmower race in which Tybalt forces Gnomeo off the track and he crash lands on the road.
  • Benny and Tybalt fight - Tybalt runs into a wall and is smashed to pieces.
  • Gnomeo gets kicked onto the road and for a while it looks like he has been run over by a truck and smashed to pieces.
  • The Terrafirminator crashes into the Red’s garden and destroys everything – it then gets out of control and does the same to the Blue’s garden – crashing into Juliet’s pedestal and knocking her into the water.

There are also scenes which could scare younger kids such as:

  • The Terrafirminator is a huge fierce lawnmower (described as a weapon of mass destruction) and looks quite scary.
  • Featherstone – a garden flamingo - is thrown out and put in a shed.
  • The blue gnomes look quite fierce with black war paint on their faces.
  • Gnomeo’s picked up by a backhoe and thrown into a park.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that love can overcome all difficulties.