Handy Manny: Motorcycle Adventure

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What’s it about?

Manny is a handyman who is looking forward to taking his talking tools to a family reunion. Manny often sings and talks to his tools in Spanish which is always translated into English. Manny tells them about his family and how good they are to him. On the way to the reunion they almost run out of petrol but find a garage just in time. The pump though is broken so the tools need to work together to fix it.

Pat the hammer, sees a sign that he thinks might lead him to his own family and gets stuck in a delivery truck. Manny and the other tools chase after the truck but along the way they nearly hit a cow on the road, get a flat tyre and have to cross a large ravine. They eventually find Pat and arrive at the reunion. They have a great time there and Pat realises that Manny and the tools are his real family after all.

What to look out for

There are a few scenes when Manny and his tools are in danger which might scare very young kids such as:

  • Pat the Hammer, Flicker the Torch, and Squeeze the Pliers get stuck in a truck that leaves the petrol station where Manny is filling the motorbike.
  • Manny almost hits a cow, drives off the road and gets a flat tyre.
  • Manny and the tools get stuck on one side of a ravine with no bridge. Manny decides to jump over the ravine on his motorbike.

Moral of the Story

The messages of the story are that family and friends are very important and that it’s good to help each other to get things done.