Happy Feet Two

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What’s it about?

The Emperor Penguins love to dance all except for young Erik who’s scared he’ll make a fool of himself. His dad Mumble manages to persuade Erik to have a go but he makes a mess of it. Feeling very dumb and that he doesn’t fit in, Erik runs away with two other penguin chicks. On the way they meet the Mighty Sven, a puffin who thinks he’s a penguin. Erik and the other chicks are amazed by Sven because he can fly and think that he might be the one to help Erik.

Meanwhile Mumble is trying to find Erik but while he’s out looking, a massive ice shelf splits off into the ocean, cutting them off from the penguin colony. Mumble eventually finds Erik but they need to get Bryan, a very large and unfriendly elephant seal, to help them get back to their family.

What to look out for

There are several scenes where animals are in danger and there are some nasty animals which might scare younger kids such as:

  • Two little krill, Will and Bill, are nearly eaten many times by large fish and whales in the ocean.
  • The penguins are attacked by polar bears and fierce birds.
  • Bryan, the elephant seal, threatens Mumble and looks like he’s going to hurt him.
  • All of the animals are very scared when the ice breaks off; crashing loudly and making large waves rise up in the ocean.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is to find your own talents and unique skills.