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What age is this for?



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What’s it about?

This movie starts out the same as the Red Riding Hood Story. She walks into Granny’s cottage to visit but finds the big, bad wolf lying in her bed. The wolf is about to attack Red Riding Hood when Granny jumps out of the wardrobe and the woodcutter arrives in time to chase the wolf off with his axe.

Then a police bear arrives looking for the ‘recipe book thief’. It seems that Granny still has her recipes so the police bear decides the thief must be either Granny, Red Riding Hood, the woodcutter or the wolf.  Detective Flipper the Frog arrives and listens to each of their stories to find out the truth. In the meantime Granny’s recipes get stolen so they now have to work together to find the real thief.

What to look out for

There are some scenes which could frighten younger kids such as:

  • Red Riding Hood gets tied up and put in a cable car full of dynamite.
  • Red Riding Hood falls out of the cable car into the forest. The forest is dark and scary and she sees a pair of eyes looking at her through the bush. The eyes belong to the wolf who growls and chases her.
  • The police bear is a bit scary.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that it’s better to tell the truth otherwise people stop believing you.