Inside Out

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What’s it about?

A young girl named Riley moves house with her family from the Midwest to San Francisco. Riley’s emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness are little people who live inside her head and try to help her when she has trouble in her new town. Joy tries to keep Riley happy, Fear keeps her safe but Sadness thinks that she doesn’t have any way to help Riley. But when Sadness and Joy get lost in the back of Riley’s mind, Sadness learns that she has a special way that she can help.  

What to look out for

  • Riley’s parents fight and yell at each other
  • The back of Riley’s mind is dark and scary
  • You see some of Riley’s fears, like a giant scary clown and a dead mouse.

Moral of the Story

The main message of this story is that it is important to feel every emotion including sadness because each emotion can help you.