Kung Fu Panda 2

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What’s it about?

The evil Lord Shen has a plan to take over all of China and to stop kung fu for good. He has gathered an army of wolves and has used his family’s discovery of fireworks to make firepower and cannon balls. It is up to Dragon Warrior Po and the Famous Five to defeat Shen and his army.

Po has nearly finished his training as the Dragon Warrior but Master Shifu tells him he needs to find his ‘inner peace’ in order to be complete. Po finds he has a lot of trouble with this as he doesn’t know where he came from. When he asks his father Mr Ping (a goose) he just says he found him on his doorstep as a baby and adopted him. Po has to search for answers while defeating the evil Shen at the same time.

What to look out for

Quite a lot of martial arts action and fighting in this follow up movie including punches, kicks, swordfights, daggers, flaming arrows, spears, axes, sledgehammers and explosions from cannon balls. Other scenes include:

  • Lord Shen treats his workers roughly, screaming, pushing them around, and often shooting daggers at them.
  • Lord Shen kills Master Rhino with a cannon ball.
  • Lord Shen kills his deputy with daggers after he refuses to shoot a cannon ball.

There are also some other scenes which could scare younger kids such as:

  • Po remembers what happened to his parents. The Pandas are attacked by Lord Shen and his bandits using swords. Po’s mother cries as she hides him in a basket.
  • The gorillas and wolves are quite scary, often searching at night, jumping from roof to roof, and howling.
  • Lord Shen’s den with vats of molten metals and fire in barrels is a scary place.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that family are the people who love and care about you which might not be your real parents.