Kung Fu Panda 3

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What age is this for?



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What’s it about?

Po the Dragon Warrior, is thrilled to discover his long-lost father Li and to learn that there are other pandas who are just like him. Po goes back to his home town with his father. There he learns that Kai, a bad villain from the spirit world, is planning to take the chi from people all across China.  Po has to learn chi from his father so that he can fight Kai. Kai and Po end up in the spirit world during a fight and Po’s family and friends have to join together to save Po and return him to their world.

What to look out for

There are quite a lot of violent scenes in this movie such as:

  • Quite a lot of Kung Fu fighting between Po and his friends and Kai and  his army of Jade Warriors.
  • Kai captures Po’s friends and turns them into Jade Warriors who fight for him.
  • Po uses a dangerous Kung Fu move to try and defeat Kai thinking that this will trap him in the spirit world forever.
  • Some scenes are done for laughs such as throwing food and objects at each other and characters tripping and falling over.

There are also some scenes, which could frighten younger kids such as:

  • Kai is a large supernatural beast with glowing green eyes.
  • Po is shown as a baby being separated from  his mother, which is quite upsetting.

Moral of the Story

The messages of the story are the differences between good and evil, the importance of family and friends and the need to stand up for what you believe is right.