Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

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What’s it about?

Marty, Alex, Gloria and Melman have had a great time on Madagascar but decide it’s time to return home to Central Park Zoo. They take a flight arranged by their penguin friends but this turns into a terrifying disaster and they end up crash landing in Africa. The friends are really excited to find other animals just like themselves there and Alex even finds his parents.

It turns out that Alex’s father is the king of the lion pride but one of his rivals, Makunga tricks Alex into going through the lion’s rite of passage. Alex of course, has no idea about life in the jungle and so fails the test. This makes his family very embarrassed and they have to leave the pride, making Makunga the new king. His friends aren’t having much luck adapting to life in the jungle either but when the water on the reserve runs out they know they have to come up with a plan to save all the animals.

What to look out for

There is some fighting and violence in this movie such as:

  •  Alex’s father (Zuba) and Makunga fight with each other for the right to be King of the Pride. They roar fiercely during this fight.
  • During Alex’s Rite of Passage ceremony, he gets thrown backwards into a rock, which splits in two. Alex is knocked out and has a black eye.
  • When Alex and Marty leave the safety of the animal reserve, they are attacked with spears by the lost tourists, who want food.

There are also some scary scenes which might frighten younger kids such as:

  • Alex is shown as a cub being caught by hunters. He's trapped in a box and scared and alone calls out for his father. Zuba chases after the vehicle but is shot by the hunters.
  • Mort is nearly eaten and chased by a large shark.
  • Melman offers himself up as a sacrifice to the gods to get water for the village. He walks on a narrow ledge over the mouth of a volcano and nearly falls in.

Moral of the Story

Friends and family stick together through good and bad times.