Maya the Bee Movie

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What’s it about?

Maya is an adventurous little bee who doesn’t want to follow the rules of her hive. When Maya is banished from the hive, she and her best friend Willy must learn to survive outside in the meadow. With help from a friendly grass-hopper named Flip, Maya and Willy learn that the other bugs are actually friendly and not scary.

When the Queen Bee’s royal jelly is stolen and the hive blames the hornets, it is up to Maya and her new friends to save the queen and prevent the bees and the hornets from having a nasty battle.

What to look out for

  • The hornets, frogs and bats are scary
  • Maya is locked up alone in prison and cries
  • Gorgo, the hedge monster seems scary at first

Moral of the Story

The film’s messages are that you should be true to yourself and stand up for your friends. Also that you should not treat people badly because they are different.