Mirror Mirror

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What’s it about?

Snow White is no helpless female in this movie; instead she’s quite able to look after herself and has to rescue the handsome Prince more than once. Her father’s disappeared and the wicked Queen rules the land making all the poor people starve so she can live a great life. When Snow White tries to change things, the Queen gets nasty and wants her killed. The butler finds he can’t kill Snow White so leaves her in the forest. Alone in the forest she makes friends with a band of dwarves who teach her how to fight with a sword and take care of herself. This comes in very useful as she has to fight off the Queen’s guards several times as well as save the Prince from the Queen.

What to look out for

  • Several sword fights though no-one seems to get hurt
  • The Queen uses magic to send some puppet axe-men to the dwarves house which they then try and destroy.
  • The puppet axe-men are quite scary.
  • Snow White has to fight a very large beast which is also quite scary.

Moral of the Story

Good will eventually overcome evil if you stand up for what you think is right.