Monsters Inc 3D

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What age is this for?



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What’s it about?

Mike and Sully are monsters who work together to scare as many children as they can so that the children’s screams can be stored and made into energy to run their city. Times are tough for the monsters – children just don’t seem to be as scared anymore and the city of Monstropolis is facing a power shortage.

One night, Sully discovers that a little girl has been let into the monster world. Sully and Mike have to work to get ‘Boo’ back safely to her family and along the way, they discover that laughing is much stronger than screams!

What to look out for

Younger children might find the monsters rather scary and there are some scary scenes such as

  • A child’s dark bedroom is shown, owls hoot and the cupboard door opens slowly. There are scary eyes under the bed and a shadow looms over the  bed
  • The monsters tie the little girl to a chair and she is very scared and screaming

Moral of the Story

  • Friends are very important
  • You should be prepared to try new ideas and to change the way you do things