Moshi Monsters: the Movie

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What’s it about?

Mr Scowl, a movie maker, comes to Monstro City to make a movie about Moshi Monsters. Katsumsa tries very hard to get Mr Scowl’s attention so he can be the star of the movie.  At the same time, a wicked Dr Strangelove steals the Great Moshling Egg so that he can hatch it into a monster that will help him take over the world.

Katsuma, Poppet and their Moshi Monster friends trick Dr Strangelove into letting them search for three items that are needed to hatch the egg. Katsuma and Poppet though, want to get the items to help them steal back the egg. When Dr Strangelove finds out their plan, he captures the Moshi Monsters and the items and holds them as prisoners. Katsuma manages to escape and he goes to find some friends to help him set his other friends free.

What to look out for

In one scene Dr Strangelove pushes one of Katsuma’s friends, a Mr Snoodle over a ledge and it looks like he might fall to his death.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is to remember that other people are just as important as you.