Mr Peabody and Sherman

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What’s it about?

Mr Peabody is a dog who makes lots of scientific inventions, including a time machine. Mr Peabody has adopted a boy named Sherman and they travel through time visiting famous people and having adventures.

At school, Sherman gets into an argument with a girl called Penny. Penny bullies Sherman about his father being a dog and Sherman bites Penny on the arm. Ms. Grunion from Social Services comes to investigate Mr Peabody because she doesn’t like the idea of a dog being the father of a boy.

While Mr Peabody is trying to sort things out with Ms Grunion and Penny’s parents, Penny and Sherman go time travelling and cause all sorts of trouble which leads to more adventures.

What to look out for

  • There are some frightening scenes in different places when the characters go time travelling. In one scene it looks as if Mr Peabody has had his head cut off and there are other scary scenes with soldiers
  • It is upsetting when Mr Peabody is dragged away by the dog catcher
  • There are some creepy mummies and snakes and a scary robot.

Moral of the Story

The importance of families getting along together. Fathers and children should respect and understand each other.