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What’s it about?

Peter Pan grew up as an orphan in London and was kidnapped along with a lot of other orphans by a pirate called Blackbeard and his mates. Blackbeard takes the orphans to Neverland and keeps them captive there. Peter Pan becomes friends with one of the pirates called Hook and together they manage to escape from Blackbeard. Hook and Peter Pan find other people who live in  Neverland and one of them, a warrior called Tiger Lily, tells Peter Pan that they have been waiting for a boy who can fly to help them defeat Blackbeard. Peter has to believe that he is that boy.

What to look out for

There is quite a lot of fighting in this movie such as:

  • Bombs are dropped on London during the war and fighter planes try to shoot down the pirate ship that Peter’s in.
  • There is a war between the pirates and the natives of Neverland and they fight with swords, guns and cannons.
  • Blackbeard burns fairies with fire, but the fairies eventually throw Blackbeard overboard to his death. 

Some young kids will be scared by the above-mentioned violence and also by other scenes such as:

  • His mother leaves Peter at an orphanage when he’s a baby. Some of the nuns at the orphanage are mean and scary.
  • Blackbeard and the pirates are scary  especially when they come in and kidnap the boys from the orphanage.
  • Peter, Tiger Lily and Hook are sailing down a river when they are attacked by crocodiles and it looks like one of them nearly kills Peter

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is to believe in yourself and to stand up for what you believe in.