Return to Nim's Island

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What’s it about?

Fourteen year old Nim lives on ‘her’ island with her scientist Dad, Jack and his research assistant Felix. Nim’s favourite thing is to go swimming amongst the coral with her best friend Selkie the sealion, collecting samples of protozea (creatures made of just one cell) for her Dad.

One day though, they receive news that developers are looking to buy the island to build a resort on it. While Jack goes back to the mainland of Australia to prevent this happening, Nim stays behind with Felix to look for some endangered species which would ensure the safety of the island.

At the same time, a boy called Edmund arrives on the island, having persuaded a rogue trader called Booker, to row him out there. Things get rather nasty when Booker and his sons try to poach the island’s native endangered species.

What to look out for

Some slapstick violence done for laughs in this movie such as:

  • A seal shoves Felix with its nose, pushing him over a bench in a laboratory. A liquid nitrogen cylinder accidentally goes off freezing the seat of his pants and causing the material to break and crumble away, showing his underpants.
  • Three men are attacked by a swarm of bees which drive them into the sea.

There are also some scenes which could scare younger kids such as:

  • Booker threatens Nim with a hunting knife, telling her “I’ve gutted fish bigger than you”. Nim throws a rock at Booker’s face causing him to fall over.
  • Nim and Edmund edge their way across a cliff face with rocks falling on them threatening to knock them from the cliff. Edmund slips and falls, but Nim grabs him by the shirt collar.
  • Nim and Edmund find Nim’s pet seal Selkie trapped in a cage in a distressed and dehydrated state.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is the importance of preserving the environment and our endangered animals.