Shaun the Sheep Movie

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What’s it about?

Shaun is a sheep who lives with his fellow sheep on a farm in the English countryside. One day Shaun gets bored, so Shaun and his friends decide to kidnap the farmer and lock him in a caravan. Shaun and the sheep are going to have a day of fun, but it all goes wrong. The caravan rolls away and the farmer ends up lost in the city without his memory. Shaun and his friends go to the big city to try and find the farmer and bring him back.

What to look out for

  • The man who runs the animal shelter chases Shaun and his friends with an electric gun and he tries to throw them off a cliff
  • The farmer hurts his head and is taken to hospital. When Shaun finds him the farmer doesn’t remember who he is. This might be sad and a bit scary. 
  • A sheep dresses up as a woman and kisses the animal shelter man.

Moral of the Story

The main message of this story is that sometimes change is good but you should also be happy with what you have.