Smurfs 2

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What’s it about?

The wicked Gargamel has a master plan to once and for all destroy all of the Smurfs in ‘Smurf-aggedon’.  To do this he creates two little creatures, Vexy and Hackus, whom he calls Naughties, to befriend Smurfette and bring her back to him. Gargamel made Smurfette in the first place to get into the Smurf village and help him destroy it but Papa Smurf managed to make Smurfette into a real Smurf with  a kind heart.

Smurfette finds herself drawn to her two new ‘friends’ but knows she can’t betray her Smurf family. This makes Gargamel really angry and he has to use some nasty tricks to make Smurfette talk.

What to look out for

A lot of cartoon violence done for laughs where no-one gets hurts such as:

  • Quite a lot of hitting, kicking, punching by the Smurfs to each other.
  • Gargamel uses his magic wand to zap everything and everyone with blue zaps of lightening.
  • One of the Smurfs gets electrocuted trying to turn off the electricity.

There’s also quite a lot of scenes that would scare younger kids such as:

  • Gargamel is a nasty and mean looking character.
  • Smurfette is shown before she becomes a Smurf and is quite evil looking.
  • Gargamel threatens to let Vexy and Hackus die unless Smurfette reveals her secret.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is that it doesn’t matter where you come from it’s who you choose to be.