The Book of Life

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What’s it about?

Three children who live in a Mexican town named San Angel are best friends and spend their time play fighting. But their families make the children grow up away from each other. Maria goes to Europe, Joaquin joins the army and Manolo becomes a bull fighter.

One day, when the children have grown up, Maria returns to town. Both Manolo and Joaquin love Maria and want to marry her. The spirits Xibalba and La Muerte decide to bet on who will get to marry Maria. But just as Maria is about to decide, the evil Xibalba sends Manolo to the Land of the Remembered. Manolo must face his fears and learn to be himself so he can return home.

What to look out for

  • There is lots of fighting in the film. Bandits attack the town and soldiers fight them off with swords and bombs. Joaquin becomes a soldier and fights many people with his sword.
  • Xibalba’s snake bites Manolo and kills him
  • Manolo and Maria kiss
  • There are some scary characters: ghosts, skeletons and evil spirits

Moral of the Story

The main messages of this story are to be yourself and to follow your heart.