The Christmas Candle

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What’s it about?

Many years ago in the poor village of Gladbury, a humble candle maker prayed for a miracle to make the lives of all of the villagers better. As the candle maker wasn’t praying for himself, an angel appeared and touched one of his candles until it glowed brightly. From that day on life in Gladbury greatly improved and the villagers were happy.  Every 25 years afterwards, the angel appeared on Christmas Eve and touched a candle giving a miracle to the one who lit it.

Then one day a new young minister, David, arrives in Gladbury. He has lost his wife and child to TB (a deadly illness) and no longer believes in miracles. It is also the time that lights are being lit with electricity so David doesn’t see the need for candles anymore. The Angel of Gladbury has different ideas though and needs to make David believe in miracles again.

What to look out for

There are some tense moments in the movie that might scare very young kids such as:

  • Fairies and an angel appear in a room as little balls of light.
  • The present candle maker slips over on his glasses and pulls the rack of candles over on top of himself.
  • David lights up the church with electricity but they all explode which causes a fire in the church. One of the older men in the church has a heart attack and dies.

Moral of the Story

The messages of the story are that miracles can happen if you believe strongly enough and it’s always good to help out your friends and neighbours.