The Jungle Book (2016)

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What’s it about?

Mowgli is a young boy-cub who was left in the jungle as a baby and raised by a wolf pack.  Most of the animals accept Mowgli as one of their own, especially Bagheera, the panther, who always keep a look out for him. The tiger, Shere Khan though, hates all humans and wants to destroy Mowgli.

Bagheera and the wolves decide it’s time to return Mowgli to the village he came from and they set off through the jungle. Along the way they meet many dangers such as Kaa, the python and King Louie, a huge orangutan. Mowgli also meets Baloo, a friendly brown bear who also helps Mowgli to escape from danger.

What to look out for

This new film of the Jungle Book uses computer-generated images, which makes the animals look very real and would be quite frightening for younger kids. In particular:

  • Shere Khan is very fierce and threatens Mowgli throughout the movie as well as the wolf mother and  her cubs.
  • Louie the orangutan is huge and also a very scary character

There are also some violent scenes in the movie such as:

  • Shere Khan kills the father of the wolf pack and throws him over a cliff.
  • Animals fight and injure each other.
  • Louie and the monkey pack chase Mowgli throughout an old temple, which eventually crashes trapping a lot of animals inside.
  • Mowgli fights Shere Khan with fire.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is the importance of family and friends.