The Last Mimzy

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What’s it about?

Noah and Emma are looking forward to the school holidays and spending time at the family beach house. While playing on the beach they find a box which opens by itself and inide there are some objects that look like small blue rocks. They take the box home but decide to hide it from their parents. While playing with the rocks they seem to come to life and start spinning on their own. Emma also finds what looks like a toy rabbit in the box which talks only to her. She tells Emma that her name is Mimzy.

Emma and Noah both start to do really well at school which is unusual for Noah. Noah makes a hi-tech spider’s web that really impresses his teachers. One day though, Noah is playing with the rocks when he causes a huge blackout that affects the whole state. The FBI come in search of the cause and arrests all of Noah’s family and takes the box too. Emma has to rescue Mimzy and send her back to her own time zone before it’s too late.

What to look out for

There are some scary scenes in this movie such as:

  •     Noah is holding a blob when it changes and he is shaken and thrown back by its force.
  •     The FBI suddenly breaks into the Wilder’s home with sub machine guns and arrests all of the family as suspected terrorists.
  • Emma puts her hand into the force field and it atomises into millions of pieces.

Other scenes that might frighten younger kids too such as:

  • Alien creatures with large eyes.
  • One of the objects is an unshapen blob of jelly substance, which wriggles by itself.
  • The parents come into the room and find Emma floating upside down on the ceiling.
  • Emma puts her face into the force field where she sees aliens.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is not to be afraid of things we don’t understand.