Lego Movie, The

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What’s it about?

The evil Lord Business plans to freeze all Lego pieces with his deadly ‘Kragle’ substance.  Master Builder Lord Vitruvius knows that if he can find the lost ‘Piece of Resistance’ he will be able to stop the ‘Kragle’ from destroying the Lego world.  He has a vision that a man with a yellow face will save them.

A yellow Lego man named Emmet accidentally finds the ‘Piece of Resistance’ one day at work.  The Master Builder Wyldstyle sees Emmet with the Piece of Resistance and thinks that he is the one who will save them.  Together Wyldstyle and Lord Vitruvius follow Emmet, believing that he will defeat the evil Lord Business and his followers.

What to look out for

  • Scary Lego and human characters
  • Scenes where Lego characters and buildings are damaged and destroyed - It can be  upsetting to see your favourite characters hurt.
  • Emmet is bullied by other Lego characters

Moral of the Story

Everyone is special and should believe in their ability to succeed.