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What’s it about?

Walter and Gary are brothers and best friends so when Gary goes on a trip to LA with his girlfriend Mary, he asks Walter along so he can go and visit the Muppet studio. Walter is a huge Muppet’s fan and remembers when they were famous 30 years ago and so is really excited to go along with Gary and Mary. When they arrive at the studio, Walter is disappointed to find it is in ruins and condemned to be pulled down.

Still Walter continues on his tour and overhears a plot between the evil Tex Richman and some bad Muppets who want the studio to be knocked down so they can drill for oil they think lies beneath it. The only way to save the studio is to raise 10 million dollars by the end of the week. Walter goes off to find Kermit and has a hard time trying to persuade him to get the Muppets together and do a concert to raise the money and save the studio.

What to look out for

Lots of comic violence in this movie such as:

  • A fight breaks out between Miss Piggy and another pig puppet who is threatening to replace her.  The two wrestle, pull hair, slap and punch each other.
  • Walter gets an electric shock from a fence.
  • Guest host Jack Black punches two of the Muppets which causes a bigger fight with all of the Muppets.

There are also some scary scenes which might worry younger kids such as:

  • Jack Black is kidnapped by the Muppets against his will.  The Muppets dress up in black costumes and use martial arts moves to grab Jack, tie him up and put him into the boot of a car.
  • Gonzo jumps off a building then blows it up, throws weapons and smashes a television.

Moral of the Story

The message of the story is to be true to yourself and to support and encourage your friends.