Toy Story 3 3D

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What’s it about?

Andy is now 17 and heading off to college.  Before he leaves, he sorts out all his things and decides to take Woody with him but puts the rest of his toys into a black garbage bag for storage up in the attic. Andy’s Mum though, thinks it’s a bag of rubbish and throws it out. The toys, of course, think Andy doesn’t want them anymore so jump into a box headed for the Sunnyside child care centre. Woody goes along too to make sure his friends are ok.

At Sunnyside the toys are greeted by lots of other friendly toys so Woody leaves them there and gets back to Andy. The toys however, get put in the toddler room where they are badly treated. They think they’ll escape and go back to Andy’s attic but Buzz has been re-programmed to his galactic superhero state and won’t let the other toys go. It’s now up to Woody to save his friends.

What to look out for

    There's some fighting in this movie such as:

    • The toys are badly treated by the toddlers and are kicked, shoved, thrown, ripped apart and broken.
    • Barbie pins Ken on the floor and twists his head around
    • Buzz fights with other toys – hitting, kicking them, and slamming them into walls

    Some of the characters in the movie are quite scary, especially for little kids, such as:

    • ‘Big Baby’ who has a strange eye and whose head spins around.
    • a monkey with cymbals who screams wildly
    • Huge earthmovers suddenly appear to crush the rubbish and move it into a fiery pit
    • Rex the dinosaur comes out of the ground with a huge roar

    Moral of the Story

    The message of the story is to be loyal to your friends and give them help when they need it.