Toy Story 3D

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What’s it about?

Andy has lots of toys that he loves to play with but his favourite is Woody the cowboy. What Andy doesn’t know is that when there’s no humans around his toys come to life and have quite a lot of fun and adventures.

Woody gets upset when Andy brings home a new toy, Buzz Lightyear who has loads of fancy gadgets which all the other toys think are really cool. Woody gets quite jealous of all the attention Buzz is getting and one day knocks him out of the bedroom window. Then Woody realises all the other toys are quite mad at him so he has to go and rescue Buzz who’s ended up at Sid’s house, the mean kid next door. This turns out to be more difficult than Woody thought and they end up having quite an adventure.

What to look out for

    There's some fighting between Buzz and Woody and other scenes such as:

    •  Sid  straps explosives to a toy in his back yard which are set off and the toy explodes.
    • Sid’s dog attacks an alien doll and tries to rip it apart.
    • Sid steals his little sister’s doll and pulls its head off.
    • Sid uses the window and the sun’s rays to bore a smoking hole into Woody’s head.

    There’s also some scary scenes which might scare younger kids such as:

    • Sid’s room is dark and creepy like a torture chamber for toys. Toys are shown that have been torn apart and had their heads pulled off.
    • Some of Sid’s toys look quite creepy such as a doll who’s had her head pulled off and has only one eye and spins around on a mechanical spider.
    • Woody saves Sid’s ruined toys who come out of shallow graves and surround Sid with their mouths stitched tight.

    Moral of the Story

    The message of the story is to believe in yourself and not to worry about what others think.